TEAM014 Podcasts

Stealthy Dragon Titans

Better late than never! Marcos and Luis cover the recent PSN download title Stealth, Inc., give their first impressions with likes and dislikes with the newly released Dragon’s Crown, and go over their thoughts on the current events surrounding the show Attack on Titan, along with few other anime shows to cover!

TEAM011 Podcasts

2013 So Far: Part One

We’re past the halfway point to 2013! So what is there to do? Why, make a list of things! Everyone loves lists, right? But a list of what, you may ask. How about the first half of 2013’s finest games? Here we talk games you download off of the Steams powered video boxes, the Xbox Live Arcades, and the Pea Essen! Listen in for your aural pleasure!

CoI Games

Castle of Illusion HD Remake Comes to PSN [UPDATE: AND Xbox Live Arcade, PC]

Oh boy! One of my and many other’s all time favorite Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game is headed to PSN this summer! Not just as a vintage port, but in a full blown HD remake! Oh boy, oh boy! [Update] And because I just read the Sega Blog, I just found out that it’s multi-platform! Xbox Live Arcade and PC support inbound as well! Lesson learned: subscribe to EVERYTHING.