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Job Loss, The Fight for Time, and the Parent That Games

Once more, I sit down to dust the cobwebs off of this site. To check into it and see what it could have been, what I could have done with it, where it could have gone, (Protip: Nowhere). That’s the self deprecating cynic in me. The low self esteemed prowess of mine; I’ve gone down this road before. I’m not here for this. I’m here to just write. Maybe for me. Maybe for you? I don’t know. What I do know is that the last two and a half years have been one hell of a ride for me, and for the rest of the people who have been involved with this site in any way shape or form. Thankfully, all mainly good things! Some not so much. I won’t focus on them so much, as I’m not one to talk about other people without their blessing, and I’m also not one to be a nosy neighbor and gab about shit that isn’t my problem. I’m here today for me. My life has changed. Drastically. For the better, mind you. You see, over two years ago, right after I had bought a home with my wife, I was let go…