071813-DLC Games

DLC Done Right

I’ve posted a couple of articles on DLC add-ons as of late. Mostly, I’ve been excited about it, with some exceptions. I’ve read a few comments around the internet that states DLC is nickel-and-dime-ing gamers to no end. Heck, a few of you let me know that through Facebook. I fully agree… to an extent. Not all DLC is evil or created equal, and a few companies have been doing this right. Companies like EA and Capcom to name a few, could learn from NetherRealm, DICE, Gearbox and – well, Capcom.

071613-Forza5 Games

Forza 5 Won’t Be Push To Start

Further cementing the reason a lot of people still have mixed feelings about Microsoft, we learn through Turn 10 that once you buy and install Forza 5, you still can’t just sit down and play.

071613-USFIV Games

Ultra Street Fighter IV Brings More Fighters, More Levels, More Balance

EVO was all sorts of fun. Yet another year that I don’t get to attend. Hopefully I can change all that some time to go as a competitor (I’ll be out by the first round), and as a spectator! Till then, I can watch streams of bad ass fights like Justin Wong fighting his way from the losers bracket up to the finals of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and winning his way to the second set on the finals against Flocker, and Infiltrator whipping out the Hakan against PR Balrog’s Balrog in SF4AE. I can also enjoy their awesome announcements they have for the fighting games I love! More Street Fighter? Yes please.

TEAM011 Podcasts

2013 So Far: Part One

We’re past the halfway point to 2013! So what is there to do? Why, make a list of things! Everyone loves lists, right? But a list of what, you may ask. How about the first half of 2013’s finest games? Here we talk games you download off of the Steams powered video boxes, the Xbox Live Arcades, and the Pea Essen! Listen in for your aural pleasure!

bethesdateam Games

Bethesda Moves On From Skyrim

If you’ve enjoyed Skyrim to it’s fullest with every DLC they’ve added to it since it’s launch in 2011, then we suggest you finally start moving on to 100% the game as Bethesda announces they’re “moving to [their] next adventure.”

all-stars-lead-440x270 Games

PlayStation All-Stars Adds Isaac, Zeus, Unfinished Swan & Medevil!

IGN has reported that Sony’s Playstation All-Stars will be getting its second dose of DLC this March. Joining the will be Isaac from Dead Space as well as Zeus himself from the God of War series. We will also be receiving a new cross-over stage that will feature elements from Medevil and The Unfinished Swan.

bioshockinfinite Games

Season Pass for BioShock Infinite incoming

As being reported by ShackNews, it turns out the upcoming entry in the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite, will have a Season Pass for its DLC. At least three add-on packs will be available post launch, and they will all be included in the Season Pass.

scottpilgrim Games

Scott Pilgrim Online DLC Delayed… Again…

Destructoid received an update from Ubisoft earlier today. For Scott Pilgrim fans, it was more bad news for the amazingly well crafted, fun, yet not as big a hit game; Funny enough, the amazingly spectacular movie by the same name wasn’t a box office smash as it was critically acclaimed. What would delay the aging game’s much anticipated (and needed) online DLC?