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Top Ten Anime – Part One

A special episode for a special time of the year! We bring Abdul back to share our personal Top Ten Anime picks, this one being part one of two. So sit back, listen in and enjoy, and get into fights as you agree and disagree with what we enjoy!

Giant squid mural Comics and Manga

Blood:The Last Vampire Character Designer, Katsuya Terada Paints Life-Sized Mural Of Giant Squid! (Video)

It looks like Katsuya Terada, the Mangaka behind Monkey King and character designer for Blood: The Last Vampire, flexed his artistic muscles this past weekend at the J-POP Summit in San Francisco. In spectacular fashion, Terada ended up painting a life-sized Giant Squid using actual squid ink. Check out the short video showing off his breathtaking work after the jump!

time-and-eternity-english-cover Features

The Grind: “Time And Eternity”.

Welcome to The Grind, a recurring feature in which we take an upcoming role-playing game and let you know why you should have this game on your radar. Today we will be spotlighting Time and Eternity, an upcoming PS3 Exclusive RPG that was developed by Imageepoch (Arc Rise Fantasia, Sands of Destruction) and published by NIS America in Europe and North America. And with that said, let’s get down to business!

28624-KILLAAAA Anime

“Gurren Lagann” Director’s New All-Girls School Battle Anime Revealed! Get Ready For “Kill La Kill”!

As posted by Duckroll earlier today on the Anime Suki forums, new details about Hiroyuki Imaishi’s (Gurren Lagann) new series, Kill La Kill have leaked from an upcoming issue of the Newtype magazine. It looks like Imaishi will be teaming up with some of his former Gurren Lagann staff as Kazuki Nakashima will be scripting and Sushio will be working on character designs.

TEAM006 Podcasts

Special: Spring Anime Preview 2013!

In this weeks special super-sized episode, Luis and I are joined by our good friend Abdul (who also contributes to the site) as we present our first ever Two e-diots and a Mic: Spring Anime Preview!  Join us as we give our early impressions of 12 of the new anime series from the recently started 2013 Spring season. 

attackononepiece News

Double Dose of FUNimation News: Attack on Titan streaming and One Piece on Toonami

FUNimation released two interesting bits of news today, one concerning the popular long running anime series One Piece, and another about the newly debuted anime Attack on Titan. First off, One Piece will be come the latest addition to [adult swim]’s Saturday night Toonami block. Premiering on May 18th, the ongoing adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates will make their way onto TV at 1:00 am ET, leading Soul Eater to be moved up to the 1:30am time slot. One Piece won’t be starting back from square one though, instead they’ll start off from episode 207, the beginning of the Long Ring Long Land Arc which finds the Straw Hats competing in the “Davy Back Fight” contest against the Foxy Pirates.

TEAM005 Podcasts

Saying Goodbye With Our Verdict

In this week’s episode, Marcos and I touch up on the recent loss of long time game developer Lucas Arts, we give our verdict on Gears of War: Judgement, invigorate ourselves with our first impressions of Bioshock: Infinite, and recommend Shin Sekai Yori for your anime watchings-ons. Also, stay on after the sign off for a couple of gags.