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Round Six: Invicta FC 6

Holy F’ing S! Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve never watched an Invicta FC event, you are missing out. For its sixth event, Invicta brought a stacked card from top to bottom, main evented by the rematch between Cris “Cyborg” Santos and Marloes Coenen. The pair had squared off before on January 30, 2010 for the Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Championship, where Cyborg successfully defended her title by TKOing Coenen at 3:40 of the third round. This time the two women went at it again, but for Invicta’s inaugural Featherweight Championship. Comments

070813-GSPS4 Games

GameStop Halts All PS4 Pre-Orders

If you wanted a guaranteed day one Playstation 4 – or Xbox One for that matter – in your hands by midnight hours of release, seems your luck has run out – at least in one particular brick and mortar establishment. Comments

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Round Six: UFC 162

In the immortal words of Tommy Toe Hold, what’s up fight fans?! I’m bringing you the inaugural edition of our new feature, Round Six. After a high profile MMA event, I’m gonna come on here and spew my opinions on the fights that went down, and you can comment below and tell me how much of an idiot I am, and I’ll love you for it.  Spoilers from last night’s fights are a given, so if you don’t want to know any results, DO NOT continue reading. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. So without further ado, lets get this party started. Comments

TEAM012 Podcasts

2013 So Far: Part Two

We’re past the halfway point to 2013! So what is there to do? Why, make a list of things! Everyone loves lists, right? So last week we talked so damn much, that we weren’t able to fit all our blabbering into one podcast, so we split it! In part two, we talk about console and PC gaming! FUN TIMES! Comments

070513-Valve Games

Valve to World: We’ll Be At GamesCom… With Reveals!

Yeah, the title says it all. Seeing as they usually don’t show up unless they’re going to show off something, the internet has officially gone into “OH MY GOD WHAT” mode. Take-Two, publishers behind the Bioshock series, will also be there. Let’s double that feeling! Comments

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2013 So Far: Part One

We’re past the halfway point to 2013! So what is there to do? Why, make a list of things! Everyone loves lists, right? But a list of what, you may ask. How about the first half of 2013’s finest games? Here we talk games you download off of the Steams powered video boxes, the Xbox Live Arcades, and the Pea Essen! Listen in for your aural pleasure! Comments

062713-XBLA Games

Microsoft Dropped Update Fees for XBLA Games

More proof that Microsoft is trying to be more friendly with indie and smaller developers in general, Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson today posted on to Twitter that Microsft had eliminated fees for title updates on Xbox Live Arcade games starting in April of this year. Comments

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OUYA? Oh yeah! An unboxing of the new Android-based gaming console.

It was nearly a year ago that the Kickstarter campaign for the OUYA launched, and just 8 short hours later, the project had met its goal of $950,000.00. In fact, by the time the Kickstarter ended on August 9th, over 9 times the amount had been raised, with 63,416 people backing the idea of an Android-based gaming console, bringing the total up to $8,596,474.00. Over 58,000 of those backers pledged $95.00 or more in order to one of the ones to actually get an OUYA console. Comments

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Don’t Update That PS3!

Seems the recent 4.45 update that went live today for the PS3 has been bricking systems, according to a lot of gamers on the Playstation forums, as Kotaku points out. Comments

TEAM010 Podcasts


It’s the E3 episode! We run through all the things we learned and saw at E3; Microsoft’s Xbox One, EA and Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s (lack of) presence with their Nintendo Direct presentation! Strap yourself in, this is a whopping 2.5 hour long ride with lots to cover! Comments

061413-CliffyJim Games

Jim Sterling Gives Cliffy B a Taste of Reality

Jim Sterling. He’s one of the editors and reviewers on Destructoid. He is harsh and gets downright dirty with his reviews and thoughts on games and the industry. He angers me when I read some of his reviews and articles, and causes me to come very close to nerd raging on the webbernets. He is one of the most honest guys in gaming journalism I know of, right next to Jeff Gertsman. And I love him for it. Comments

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Super Mario 3D World Will Hit Wii U This December! Now With 4 Player Co-Op & Nyan!

During their E3 Nintendo Direct this morning, Nintendo unveiled the next 3D Mario Platformer. Super Mario 3D World will release this December for the Wii U. One of the new additions is 4 player co-op and you can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad. Each character will have unique abilities such as Luigi jumping higher and Toad running faster than the other characters(think Mario Bros. 2). The trailer also featured a few other looks at the game play and a new power up which you can check out after the jump! Comments

061013-E304 Games

The Internet Is Having a Blast With E3

Good stuff flying out of websites like NeoGaf and Something Awful. Not just animated GIFs, either. (That’s with a “J”, like “jif”). People are trying to make history by literally creating history with Wikipedia. Comments

061013-E302 Games

Next-Gen Console Wars Starts With Sony Having Major Advantages

Full disclosure: I’m a gamer through and through, no fanboyism to one side or the other. I personally own every single major console released from the NES and Master System on up. With that said, the advantages that Sony displayed at E3 today were damning. Damning to whatever strategy Microsoft thought would win them this E3 and the new generation. Damning the Xbox One so much, that the internet itself has declared Sony the clear winner of Next-Gen already. Unless you are a die-hard Xbox loyalist, it’s hard to disagree with that. Comments

061013-PS401 Games

Sony: Nothing Changes On Used Games

If you were watching E3 today through any of the major live streams, you know that Sony announced something major for their Playstation 4. All the used games hoopla that Microsoft is enforcing on its consumers? It sounds confusing. It’s confusing people. So with the announcement that the Playstation 4 will have absolutely no restrictions, we can see why there is even more confusion out there. Is one console really doing what the other isn’t? Sony has a video for you to clarify on how this will all work. Comments

E3-2013 j Games

E3 2013 Has Arrived And Here Is Where You Can Watch!

It’s that time of the year again folks. E3 has arrived and its time to finally get a look at all of the new upcoming shiny games and consoles that we will be spending all of our hard-earned money on. Wondering where and when you can get all of the delicious info at? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Comments

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No Podcast This Week, Waiting for E3!

No podcast? Sorry about that! While we have enough fodder to work with what with the recent hubbub from Microsoft, we figure Marcos and I touched on this quite a bit already. Why have you hear us bitch about? Comments

060713-XBone Features

Xbox One: Hit Yes to Terms and Conditions?

So as Marcos pointed out earlier today, the Xbox One doesn’t seem so hot after Microsoft “unveiled” how their system will require an “internet check” once every 24 hours to make sure your experience is up to snuff, and to make sure piracy is kept at a minimum. At least, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. Here’s a little more info on the what’s and why’s. Boys and girls, ladies and gents, take a seat, take a lap, shut your traps. Let’s get the rant machine going. Comments

060713-MGSV Games

Kiefer Sutherland, The New Snake

Seems all the talk is true. David  Hayter will no longer be providing his voice for Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Instead, Hideo Kojima has hired the talents of another bad ass voice, Kiefer Sutherland. Comments