Unboxing-22-StarSmug Unboxing

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty for January!

Yes, yes, I realize we’re already in the dead heat of February! BUT I MOVE FORWARD TO BRING YOU CONTENT! Melvin brought by his Smuggler’s Bounty for January and it was mmm-mmMMM good! Come check out some Force Awakens goodness!

Unboxing-20-ArcBlk0216 Unboxing

February Arcade Block Unboxing!

Look what the cat dragged in! Well, actually, that’s impossible, considering the box is huge in comparison to cats. Most cats. Who knows. ANYWAY, watch me unbox it and get ANGRY half-way through. Why? THE SHIRT SAGA CONTINUES! Chiggitty-check it out, yosefs!

UnboxingL-19-LuMarc Unboxing

Invasion Loot Crate Unboxing… WITH LUIS AND MARCOS!

The January Loot Crate arrived, themed around Invasion! How appropriate, then, that I come in to INVADE ON MARCOS’ DOMAIN! I mean, we planned the hanging outs, so I guess I didn’t really invade. I might have invaded his bathroom. Still doesn’t know it was me, though. Besides that, we rip into this Loot Crate to check out all the fun things related to Alien, X-Files, Space Invaders, and The Fifth Element! CHECK IT!

UnboxingL-18-ArcBlkLu Unboxing

December 2015 Arcade Block Unboxing!

I’ve got a box! And it’s not just a box! It’s a block! And it’s no ordinary block! It’s a block full of arcade type good things! And by arcade I mean video games. And I’m going to open it!

Unboxing014-L-Arcade Unboxing

December Arcade Block Unboxing!

It’s here! On this magical time of year! I dive into this Arcade Block to unbox quite a few things! Yoshi’s Wooly World, Uncharted, Halo 5, and other cool little collectibles! JOIN ME, WON’T YOU?

Unboxing013-L-Smuggler Unboxing

Star Wars December Smuggler’s Bounty

Luis and Melvin traveled far and wide through space, not too long ago, within our galaxy, and returned to smuggle in this amazing find! What was it? Why, the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty December box, that’s what! CHECK OUT THE GOODS AFTER THE JUMP TO LUDICROUS SPEED!

Unboxing010LootFallout Unboxing

Unboxing – Fallout Loot Crate Edition!

It’s here! The Loot Crate Fallout 4 Edition is here! And we’re going to uncrate it! Er… unbox it! Waifu Stacy and I sit through this and gush at all the goodies! Okay, maybe not gushed, but we did geek out. We had the capacity to geek out.

Unboxing006 Features

We Unbox a Sexy Xbox One: Halo 5 Edition

Thanks to a good close friend of mine, I was able to get my hands on a collector’s edition copy of Halo 5: Guardians, as well as the special edition Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians system. Boy, not only was that system a sexy thing to look at – probably the best looking Xbox One, and personally, the design the XBone should keep – but that collector’s edition… oh my!

ediotsplay-mariomaker03 Games

More Mario Making Luis Mad

Abdul dips his hands into creating Mario Maker levels and I try his first attempt, and I tango with another crazy level by Mr. Afro. Fun times to be had for all! All but me as I scream in agony.

Unboxing005 Unboxing

October Shocktober! Comic-Con Box Unboxing!

Josh and I tackle the surprise that was Wizard World’s October Comic Con Box. Unexpected, but welcome for more unboxing fun and zaniness! Sadly, there wasn’t much to unbox and have fun with, in our opinion.

ediotsplay-mariomaker01 Features

Introducing e-diots Play!

As you’ve all seen, we’ve been going to town (slowly) on YouTube with our videos and our podcasts! Now, here’s our first Let’s Play video of myself playing and yelling at Super Mario Maker! We’re also up on Twitch, so check it out when either myself or Marcos jump on the streamy-stream funtimes!

Unboxing004 Fun Stuff

September Lootcrate Unboxing!

Do you smell that? Yeah, I apologize. That was me. However, that other thing? We gots another unboxing, baby! Join me for the September Lootcrate, which oddly enough, arrives in October!

100115-unboxing3 Features

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Unboxings

Hey! Look! Another unboxing! I’m actually getting to enjoy these. I have here for you the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer New (Small Sized) 3DS with some face plates, AC: HHD game and NFC adapter for the older 3DS’, and Amiibo cards. Packs and packs of cards. This time I have girls to help. Ew, gross, cooties.