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Job Loss, The Fight for Time, and the Parent That Games

Once more, I sit down to dust the cobwebs off of this site. To check into it and see what it could have been, what I could have done with it, where it could have gone, (Protip: Nowhere). That’s the self deprecating cynic in me. The low self esteemed prowess of mine; I’ve gone down this road before. I’m not here for this. I’m here to just write. Maybe for me. Maybe for you? I don’t know. What I do know is that the last two and a half years have been one hell of a ride for me, and for the rest of the people who have been involved with this site in any way shape or form. Thankfully, all mainly good things! Some not so much. I won’t focus on them so much, as I’m not one to talk about other people without their blessing, and I’m also not one to be a nosy neighbor and gab about shit that isn’t my problem. I’m here today for me. My life has changed. Drastically. For the better, mind you. You see, over two years ago, right after I had bought a home with my wife, I was let go…

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You’ll Probably Hate This Before You Fully Read It

Games all come in particular styles, genres, and length. All different styles of development, and visual style. Why then, still in this day and age, are we as gamers crying a river when we hear a game is cel shaded, not online, or too short? My two cents after the jump, but be forewarned: it may be too short in length for your liking.

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Nintendo Doing Nintendo Things and it Drives Me Nuts

Nintendo; we love to love them, loathe to hate them. It’s simple, really. They make really good quality games and innovations, both hardware and software alike, and we love that. As adoring fans, it hurts us inside to see the longest standing player in the business consistently stumbling more than walking in stride. With their recent investors meeting, it was a little of both.

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Delays? Oh My.

It’s been a little bit of stop-and-go here on the site, though it tends to start getting this way around this time of year. Marcos just had a business trip, and I’m about to have my annual one for my job as well. Things will slow somewhat, but we will try and keep up with all the major upcoming news. We’ve got the release date for the PS4, and we’re sure Microsoft is around the corner with their news. We’ll keep on top of it. Trust us.

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Indie and the Beast

You may have heard by now, but indie developer Phil Fish recently quit the industry and took Fez II with him. The reasoning? Well, he never nailed it down to one thing but it was right off of the heels of Marcus Beer’s comments from GameTrailer’s Invisible Walls video podcast calling him and fellow indie developer Jonathan Blow a “tosspot” and a “fucking hipster” for refusing to comment to the press about Microsoft’s recent Xbox One’s self-publishing policies for indie devs. People say he pouted after getting lashed at and took his ball and went home. Sounds legit.

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DLC Done Right

I’ve posted a couple of articles on DLC add-ons as of late. Mostly, I’ve been excited about it, with some exceptions. I’ve read a few comments around the internet that states DLC is nickel-and-dime-ing gamers to no end. Heck, a few of you let me know that through Facebook. I fully agree… to an extent. Not all DLC is evil or created equal, and a few companies have been doing this right. Companies like EA and Capcom to name a few, could learn from NetherRealm, DICE, Gearbox and – well, Capcom.

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Jim Sterling Gives Cliffy B a Taste of Reality

Jim Sterling. He’s one of the editors and reviewers on Destructoid. He is harsh and gets downright dirty with his reviews and thoughts on games and the industry. He angers me when I read some of his reviews and articles, and causes me to come very close to nerd raging on the webbernets. He is one of the most honest guys in gaming journalism I know of, right next to Jeff Gertsman. And I love him for it.

061013-E302 Games

Next-Gen Console Wars Starts With Sony Having Major Advantages

Full disclosure: I’m a gamer through and through, no fanboyism to one side or the other. I personally own every single major console released from the NES and Master System on up. With that said, the advantages that Sony displayed at E3 today were damning. Damning to whatever strategy Microsoft thought would win them this E3 and the new generation. Damning the Xbox One so much, that the internet itself has declared Sony the clear winner of Next-Gen already. Unless you are a die-hard Xbox loyalist, it’s hard to disagree with that.

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Xbox One: Hit Yes to Terms and Conditions?

So as Marcos pointed out earlier today, the Xbox One doesn’t seem so hot after Microsoft “unveiled” how their system will require an “internet check” once every 24 hours to make sure your experience is up to snuff, and to make sure piracy is kept at a minimum. At least, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. Here’s a little more info on the what’s and why’s. Boys and girls, ladies and gents, take a seat, take a lap, shut your traps. Let’s get the rant machine going.

052113-XboxOneOops Games

Results Are In: Xbox One No Make-a-The People Happy

So the specs are awesome. It seems like it can pull off some damn nice looking games. The console is sleek. The controller looks cool. The Kinect is that much more responsive and much faster. Xbox Live will have more to offer. What’s not to like? How about the stuff they didn’t talk about.

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Sim City Servers Still FUBAR, Vikings Kicker Lets It Be Known

If you’re a Sim City fan, then you know either one of two things: you’re sitting on $60 worth of nothing because the servers don’t work, or you’re sitting on $60 to buy Sim City but are afraid to waste it on worthless software. Welp, we’re not the only ones as Vikings kicker Chris Kluwe has opened his mouth and, well, just read on.

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Chiefs Trade for Alex Smith a Steal for 49ers

With a shallow pool of QB options in the draft and free agency the Kansas City Chiefs completed a trade with San Francisco to acquire, former number one pick, Alex Smith. The cost for Smith’s services to come to KC was their second round pick (34th overall) and conditional picks in the 2014 draft.

Marvel Now News

Marvel NOW! Reactions

“We go bigger” said Iron Man, with a smirk on his face. These were the final words from Brian Michael Bendis’ farewell to his run on Marvel’s super team. Those words signified the beginning and end of an era in Marvel comics.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Crash Lands to Release. We Now May Know Why.

Aliens: Colonial Marines releases today to abhorrent reviews and confusion among gamers, Alien fans, and gamers who are Alien fans. The fact that a game went so long into production and had, what seemed, a lot of love poured into it got released is pretty unsettling. Especially coming from Gearbox and a much cherished man in the industry known as Randy Pitchford. Something had to have gone awry, right?

madden25 Rant

What We Want Out of Madden 25

The NFL season is officially over. We are now seven months away from a meaningful snap being made again. Madden publisher, EA Tiburon, has unveiled that the franchise will be ditching the annual numerical title and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Madden by throwing it into the title. However, what Madden fans truly care about is how the franchise returns to prominence. Madden 13 offered improved gameplay for the football portion of the game.  The Connected Careers mode was a unique change, but it stalled in its limitations from previous iterations of the Franchise mode. Connected Careers was also a mode that no one asked for. So, in order to help the pundits at EA Tiburon get Madden done right for the first time in several seasons we (Josh and myself) have compiled a list of things we want to see in Madden 25.

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Young Justice, No More!

On January 28th Cartoon Network announced that it will be cancelling it’s original DC Nation programming: Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice.