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061813-PS3update Games

Don’t Update That PS3!

Seems the recent 4.45 update that went live today for the PS3 has been bricking systems, according to a lot of gamers on the Playstation forums, as Kotaku points out.

TEAM010 Podcasts


It’s the E3 episode! We run through all the things we learned and saw at E3; Microsoft’s Xbox One, EA and Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s (lack of) presence with their Nintendo Direct presentation! Strap yourself in, this is a whopping 2.5 hour long ride with lots to cover!

061413-CliffyJim Games

Jim Sterling Gives Cliffy B a Taste of Reality

Jim Sterling. He’s one of the editors and reviewers on Destructoid. He is harsh and gets downright dirty with his reviews and thoughts on games and the industry. He angers me when I read some of his reviews and articles, and causes me to come very close to nerd raging on the webbernets. He is one of the most honest guys in gaming journalism I know of, right next to Jeff Gertsman. And I love him for it.

061013-E304 Games

The Internet Is Having a Blast With E3

Good stuff flying out of websites like NeoGaf and Something Awful. Not just animated GIFs, either. (That’s with a “J”, like “jif”). People are trying to make history by literally creating history with Wikipedia.

061013-E302 Games

Next-Gen Console Wars Starts With Sony Having Major Advantages

Full disclosure: I’m a gamer through and through, no fanboyism to one side or the other. I personally own every single major console released from the NES and Master System on up. With that said, the advantages that Sony displayed at E3 today were damning. Damning to whatever strategy Microsoft thought would win them this E3 and the new generation. Damning the Xbox One so much, that the internet itself has declared Sony the clear winner of Next-Gen already. Unless you are a die-hard Xbox loyalist, it’s hard to disagree with that.

061013-PS401 Games

Sony: Nothing Changes On Used Games

If you were watching E3 today through any of the major live streams, you know that Sony announced something major for their Playstation 4. All the used games hoopla that Microsoft is enforcing on its consumers? It sounds confusing. It’s confusing people. So with the announcement that the Playstation 4 will have absolutely no restrictions, we can see why there is even more confusion out there. Is one console really doing what the other isn’t? Sony has a video for you to clarify on how this will all work.

TEAM Logo Podcasts

No Podcast This Week, Waiting for E3!

No podcast? Sorry about that! While we have enough fodder to work with what with the recent hubbub from Microsoft, we figure Marcos and I touched on this quite a bit already. Why have you hear us bitch about?

060713-XBone Features

Xbox One: Hit Yes to Terms and Conditions?

So as Marcos pointed out earlier today, the Xbox One doesn’t seem so hot after Microsoft “unveiled” how their system will require an “internet check” once every 24 hours to make sure your experience is up to snuff, and to make sure piracy is kept at a minimum. At least, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. Here’s a little more info on the what’s and why’s. Boys and girls, ladies and gents, take a seat, take a lap, shut your traps. Let’s get the rant machine going.

060713-MGSV Games

Kiefer Sutherland, The New Snake

Seems all the talk is true. David  Hayter will no longer be providing his voice for Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Instead, Hideo Kojima has hired the talents of another bad ass voice, Kiefer Sutherland.

TEAM009 Podcasts

The Xbox One Episode

This extra special episode of Two e-diots and a Mic is all about the Xbox One, baby! Or as it’s already been lovingly nicknamed all over the internet, the Xbone. We talk about the presentation, the reveal, the system hardware and features, and all of the game it showed! No, that was not a typo.

052313-xboxonesad Games

The Downfalls the Xbox One Faces

So while I’m not one to want to feed into the doom and gloom the rest of the gamer websites are touting, one can’t help to look at all the information that’s been seeping out about the Xbox One and realize, yeah, this ain’t right.

052113-XboxOneOops Games

Results Are In: Xbox One No Make-a-The People Happy

So the specs are awesome. It seems like it can pull off some damn nice looking games. The console is sleek. The controller looks cool. The Kinect is that much more responsive and much faster. Xbox Live will have more to offer. What’s not to like? How about the stuff they didn’t talk about.

052113-XboxReveal Games

Get Your Popcorn Ready, Boys and Girls!

I’m getting ready for the big show and to give you guys some juicy info as it comes out bit by bit! Are you at home right now? Then here are some sites we recommend you use to watch the livestreams!

052013-Xbox Games

Reminder: Next Gen Xbox Reveal Tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder from your favorite neighborhood nerds that tomorrow will be Microsoft’s press conference to reveal the next Xbox! If you’re going to be at work and unable to watch, follow us on Twitter as I’ll be live tweeting with everything that matters to us and in turn, to you!

052013-PS4 Games

Sony Teases the PS4 With Sexy Vents

Okay, so obviously it is a hype-machine to garner attention away from Microsoft’s Xbox reveal tomorrow. And it really doesn’t show you anything; There is seriously nothing to see, but man… your eyes just laid eyes on some PS4 … things! Yeah!

Review_BioshockInfinite Games

Bioshock: Infinite – Review

Bioshock: Infinite is a culmination of great game design and gameplay. The Bioshock franchise now also has a repertoire for a great narrative and a well written script after the game’s first outing, and with good reason. Thankfully, the third in the series does not disappoint.

TEAM007 Podcasts

Heroes, the 80’s, and Specters

In this week’s episode, Marcos and Luis give their final thoughts on Injustice: Gods Among Us, Marcos gives his first impressions on what is the love letter to the 80’s, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and we touch on the fact that Call of Duty: Ghosts is a real thing, despite the name. Also, make sure to stick around after the sign off for some quick blooper cuts and a quick laugh.

NFLdrafttweets Sports

NFL Draft Live Tweets!

We hope you have been enjoying our coverage of the NFL Draft through Twitter today! For those of you unable to keep up at work, on the road, or on the john, we hope that Josh’s, Scotti’s, and Abdul’s Twitter coverage have kept you up to speed!