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100115-unboxing3 Features

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Unboxings

Hey! Look! Another unboxing! I’m actually getting to enjoy these. I have here for you the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer New (Small Sized) 3DS with some face plates, AC: HHD game and NFC adapter for the older 3DS’, and Amiibo cards. Packs and packs of cards. This time I have girls to help. Ew, gross, cooties.

022215-rage News

You’ll Probably Hate This Before You Fully Read It

Games all come in particular styles, genres, and length. All different styles of development, and visual style. Why then, still in this day and age, are we as gamers crying a river when we hear a game is cel shaded, not online, or too short? My two cents after the jump, but be forewarned: it may be too short in length for your liking.

021915-nintendo News

Nintendo Doing Nintendo Things and it Drives Me Nuts

Nintendo; we love to love them, loathe to hate them. It’s simple, really. They make really good quality games and innovations, both hardware and software alike, and we love that. As adoring fans, it hurts us inside to see the longest standing player in the business consistently stumbling more than walking in stride. With their recent investors meeting, it was a little of both.

090913-WhatWeMissed Games

What’d We Miss? Maybe You Missed It, Too

We’ve been gone for a while. Sorry about that! As you all know, we pride ourselves here for being real people with real lives talking about what we feel about gaming and other pop culture industry stuff! So while we’ve been busy with business trips and work, the world’s kept turning and we haven’t been able to comment on it. If you also missed it, here’s some stuff.

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Delays? Oh My.

It’s been a little bit of stop-and-go here on the site, though it tends to start getting this way around this time of year. Marcos just had a business trip, and I’m about to have my annual one for my job as well. Things will slow somewhat, but we will try and keep up with all the major upcoming news. We’ve got the release date for the PS4, and we’re sure Microsoft is around the corner with their news. We’ll keep on top of it. Trust us.

081213-XBoneKinect Games

Kinect No Longer Connected

For those of you who were wary of the Xbox One’s need to have your Kinect connected at all times for the machine to be operable at all, you can rest easy. Unless you are looking to use Kinect enabled software, the Kinect can remain unplugged.

TEAM014 Podcasts

Stealthy Dragon Titans

Better late than never! Marcos and Luis cover the recent PSN download title Stealth, Inc., give their first impressions with likes and dislikes with the newly released Dragon’s Crown, and go over their thoughts on the current events surrounding the show Attack on Titan, along with few other anime shows to cover!

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Podcast Later Tonight

Sorry for the further delays, folks! Certain things have thrown a wrench into our regular work schedule and thus today’s podcast will arrive a little later than usual. We’re aiming for 9pm EST! Keep an eye out, or subscribe to us on iTunes or follow the podcast’s RSS feed! Stay tuned!

080713-NDirect Games

Nintendo Shows Off in Today’s Nintendo Direct

Satoru Iwata presents today’s Nintendo aweomeness in their Nintendo Direct video. Running about 30 minutes, it doesn’t take up all your time yet it’s long enough to get your mouth watering! What are you most looking forward to?

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Two e-diots and a Mic Returns Next Sunday

No Two e-diots and a Mic this week. But before you cry bloody murder, we had a reason! With the summer lull still in full effect with games, we had very little to talk about. Come next Sunday, we should have a good set of topics on hand. Dragon’s Crown, The Wolverine, and maybe some other stuff to name a few! For now, check out some backlog fun and subscribe to us on iTunes or RSS for updates that go straight to you! See you then!

080413-FEZII Games

Indie and the Beast

You may have heard by now, but indie developer Phil Fish recently quit the industry and took Fez II with him. The reasoning? Well, he never nailed it down to one thing but it was right off of the heels of Marcus Beer’s comments from GameTrailer’s Invisible Walls video podcast calling him and fellow indie developer Jonathan Blow a “tosspot” and a “fucking hipster” for refusing to comment to the press about Microsoft’s recent Xbox One’s self-publishing policies for indie devs. People say he pouted after getting lashed at and took his ball and went home. Sounds legit.

071813-DLC Games

DLC Done Right

I’ve posted a couple of articles on DLC add-ons as of late. Mostly, I’ve been excited about it, with some exceptions. I’ve read a few comments around the internet that states DLC is nickel-and-dime-ing gamers to no end. Heck, a few of you let me know that through Facebook. I fully agree… to an extent. Not all DLC is evil or created equal, and a few companies have been doing this right. Companies like EA and Capcom to name a few, could learn from NetherRealm, DICE, Gearbox and – well, Capcom.

071613-Forza5 Games

Forza 5 Won’t Be Push To Start

Further cementing the reason a lot of people still have mixed feelings about Microsoft, we learn through Turn 10 that once you buy and install Forza 5, you still can’t just sit down and play.

071613-USFIV Games

Ultra Street Fighter IV Brings More Fighters, More Levels, More Balance

EVO was all sorts of fun. Yet another year that I don’t get to attend. Hopefully I can change all that some time to go as a competitor (I’ll be out by the first round), and as a spectator! Till then, I can watch streams of bad ass fights like Justin Wong fighting his way from the losers bracket up to the finals of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and winning his way to the second set on the finals against Flocker, and Infiltrator whipping out the Hakan against PR Balrog’s Balrog in SF4AE. I can also enjoy their awesome announcements they have for the fighting games I love! More Street Fighter? Yes please.

070813-GSPS4 Games

GameStop Halts All PS4 Pre-Orders

If you wanted a guaranteed day one Playstation 4 – or Xbox One for that matter – in your hands by midnight hours of release, seems your luck has run out – at least in one particular brick and mortar establishment.

TEAM012 Podcasts

2013 So Far: Part Two

We’re past the halfway point to 2013! So what is there to do? Why, make a list of things! Everyone loves lists, right? So last week we talked so damn much, that we weren’t able to fit all our blabbering into one podcast, so we split it! In part two, we talk about console and PC gaming! FUN TIMES!

070513-Valve Games

Valve to World: We’ll Be At GamesCom… With Reveals!

Yeah, the title says it all. Seeing as they usually don’t show up unless they’re going to show off something, the internet has officially gone into “OH MY GOD WHAT” mode. Take-Two, publishers behind the Bioshock series, will also be there. Let’s double that feeling!

TEAM011 Podcasts

2013 So Far: Part One

We’re past the halfway point to 2013! So what is there to do? Why, make a list of things! Everyone loves lists, right? But a list of what, you may ask. How about the first half of 2013’s finest games? Here we talk games you download off of the Steams powered video boxes, the Xbox Live Arcades, and the Pea Essen! Listen in for your aural pleasure!

062713-XBLA Games

Microsoft Dropped Update Fees for XBLA Games

More proof that Microsoft is trying to be more friendly with indie and smaller developers in general, Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson today posted on to Twitter that Microsft had eliminated fees for title updates on Xbox Live Arcade games starting in April of this year.