Soccer Cars, Plumber Making, and Teen Slashers!


We’re back? We’re back! Because nobody asked for it, Marcos and I sit our asses down to talk games once more. Fresh out of the gate, we tackle our new favorite past time, soccer cars, AKA Rocket League, I tap my inner-asshole and ruin Marcos’ love for Mario in Super Mario Maker, and Marcos enjoys himself another teen slasher drama whilst I sit there and cower and whine, as per usual with Until Dawn.

As luck would have it, fate tried really hard to keep this from being done with audio issues. But hey! We made it! Listen in or download it down below, and now for quick and easy streaming, you can check it out on YouTube here, like, comment, subscribe, and all that fun stuff! Whichever’s easier for all of you!

Until next time!