New Mario Maker Update to Add Checkpoints and Other Things


Let me just say, first and foremost, that I was not expecting Nintendo to update Super Mario Maker. Ever. As an avid level creator and player of horribly hard levels, I’m excited! Giddy, even!

On November 4th, the game will be getting the update pumped in at the low low cost of nothing, which is all the more welcome! “But Luis,” you ask, beginning with a conjunction as you were taught as a wee lad or lass to not do – shame on you – “What does the update come with?” A perfectly good question which I was obviously going to get to, you impatient little rascal! Now pipe down and I’ll get to it!

  • Checkpoint flags! Yay! No longer must you trudge along a long, ridiculous level only to die right at the end and start all over again! Y’know, should the level creator be nice enough to place a flag down. In other news, the hard levels will continue to be hard as creators will refuse to place flags down.
  • Context Placed Powerups! Wait what? Yes! You know, how if Mario is small, his first power up should always be a mushroom, and the next should always be whatever else can come of it – unless you happen to be small once more, then it’s another shroom? Yes! You can create a level with this strategy in mind! I’m actually very happy about this!
  • Gnat Attack Hard mode. Shake a Muncher continuously until the big ol’ fly comes out and smack it: Gnat Attack Hard mode. Hooray, I guess? Maybe you get your unlocks faster like this?
  • Official Mario Makers added to Makers section. These are levels made by official Nintendo peeps. These may be levels that stay pure to the Mario set. Or maybe not. Still though, pro-made levels to ground you back down to “normal Mario mode” is a cool thing!
  • Event Courses has also been added to the Course World hub. Special worldwide events that now the public has access to. Hooray for more variety!

Or, y’know, watch Nintendo’s official release video:

Overall, impressive! Obviously, I’m much more excited for the first two tidbits, but the other updates are also welcome! Well, except Gnat Attack. I can’t say I care.

Now, Nintendo, fix it to where I can spin-jump on a saw-blade and I can bounce off of it, eh?