We’re Looking to Change Things Around


Hi guys and gals. Luis here. We would like to talk to you, nay, I would like to hear from you; I’d be thankful for it.

The website’s been dormant. Again. For a whole year now. We missed the next gen drop, which I’m sure would have been huge with our opinion pieces. I also realize by “huge” I mean we would have received exposure more than we usually do.

We missed all the debacle of 2014: Gamer Gate, Microsoft’s bungling of the XBone and constant one-step-forward-two-step-back when fixing its issues. Halo: Master Chief Edition’s horrendous release of an unfinished game, Kick Starter promises dropped, Steam Greenlight issues, and so much more.

We missed out on talking about it on the website, and continuing our fun on the podcast. We missed out on a lot. But I think we tried to tackle a lot for who and what we are: a bunch of real dudes who aren’t on anyone’s payroll talking about video games and most things nerd culture, and trying to act like a blog that gets the news in. That puts a strain on our time and resources when it comes to dealing with our day to day jobs and family life. As much as I’d like to give 200% to this site, I can barely hit 100%.

With that said, the idea is to switch it around to editorials, bring the podcast back for funsies, and maybe dab into some YouTube. This is also where you come in. What would you like for me to focus on? What would you like us to talk about in a different manner or form? I’m always down to taking ideas.

Let us know on either Facebook, Twitter @ediotsnet using #ediots2015, or register on the site and leave a comment down below. I would greatly appreciate any and everyone of you who were to participate.