What’d We Miss? Maybe You Missed It, Too


We’ve been gone for a while. Sorry about that! As you all know, we pride ourselves here for being real people with real lives talking about what we feel about gaming and other pop culture industry stuff! So while we’ve been busy with business trips and work, the world’s kept turning and we haven’t been able to comment on it. If you also missed it, here’s some stuff.

Xbox One 11/22/13


Last Wednesday, Microsoft officially announced that the Xbox One, or as the internet so lovingly dubbed it as the “XBone”, will release on November 22nd this year. The rumors were indeed over, and the only biggest tip was the fine print to the Doritos contest as it stated it’d launch in “late November”. Now we have the stage set for one of the biggest console wars since the days of Sega and Nintendo. Will the one week head-start give Sony’s PS4 on November 15th the edge, or will the week wait be seen as a “wait for something better” judgement call on the Xbox One for many consumers and gamers alike? Has the damage already been done by Microsoft themselves with the amazingly terrible PR roller coaster ride?

One thing is for sure, the competition is going to mean nothing but great things for us gamers!



Thursday, August 22nd 2013, a day that will live in infamy to Batman fans everywhere. Well, most. Why is that? Well, if you haven’t heard, Warner Bros has cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the next superhero flick in which said man in tights goes up against another man in tights, namely Superman. Fans went in an uproar. Why? I personally have no clue. People call foul and site DareDevil as an example of him unable to pull off a superhero.

Personally, while DareDevil sucked, it was hardly Affleck’s fault. In fact, Ben Affleck and Michael Clarke Duncan’s King Pin were the only saving graces. Let’s also not forget all his roles with Kevin Smith’s movies, and most recently freakin’ Argo. I mean seriously, did you see that? If not, do yourself a favor and see it. For those of you who did, did you also know he directed that brilliance? No? Well there you go. Now shut up and wait for him as Batman.

I mean, the Photoshop above shows he’s got the chin for the cowl.

Robertcop is Back


Yeap, that is indeed a thing. Gotta love good ol’ Chinese knock-offs.


In all seriousness, Robocop is coming back thanks to MGM and Columbia Pictures. Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Sam L. Jackson will lend their credentials to this movie. With a spring release in mind, it seems as if the film may not have what it takes to go in a summer line-up. While that doesn’t necessarily spells the movie’s doom, it does throw caution to the wind. To be fair, the trailer makes it seem okay, but nothing that jumps out to tell me “must watch”. At the same time, it’s Michael Keaton and Sam L. Jackson. I may just watch it for those two bastards.

PS Vita TV, Remote Play Love, and More Sony


Yesterday in Tokyo, Sony announced the release date for the Playstation 4 in Japan, and for the first time ever it wasn’t before the US release. In fact, it wasn’t even a worldwide release announcement! February 22nd, 2014 is the date that our brethren in the east will be able to bring a PS4 into their homes, in what is a Sony first in the game industry. The reason? They just want more content available at launch for the Japanese market. That’s a good reason, considering a lot of the stuff on the show floor seems to be heavily geared towards a western audience. Sure, it’s painting the regions with a single brush but sales figures don’t lie when it comes to genres that sell here and there. Killzone looks pretty, but FPS’ aren’t really Japan’s choice of genre when it comes to games, otherwise Monster Hunter wouldn’t be the beast of a series it is over there.

They also announced some interesting things for the PS Vita. A new, lower cost model built with a standard LCD screen as opposed to the current OLED, slightly slimmer and lightweight, WiFi only, packing 1GB of memory and with six options of color. It’s the budget, “reel in those on the fence” model at 19,1929 Yen, or $200 US. No plans for a US or European release, but if they can lower that price and bring it over, I’m sure they can bring in some more sales here as well.

The big kicker came in the announcement of the PS Vita TV. Pulling an Apple by smugly taking it out of their pockets on stage as an, “Oh yeah, there’s this” moment, the PS Vita TV is tiny, about the size of a smart phone, with much more thickness to it. What is it? Well, it’s the Vita interface that displays on your HD TV, and you’re able to connect to the PSN Store and download apps like Netflix and Hulu and watch movies that you rent or buy from the store.

Oh, so a Roku Box? No, not exactly.

Purchase a PS3 Dualshock controller and you’re also able to play the PSX and PSP games available in the PSN Store. It also has the Vita cartridge slot for you to be able to play select Vita games on your TV with your Dualshock. Not to mention you can play all your Vita indie games and PSN Plus free games the service has given you. Still on the fence? Okay, what about remote play with your PS4? Your significant other wants to watch his football game, or catch her soaps? Take your Vita TV box with you to the other room, plug it in, turn on your PS4, and start streaming your gameplay to the other room!

Ah yes, remote play. Something Sony has been trying to push with the PS3 and the PSP, though ultimately falling flat with a subpar WiFi LAN setup in the PS3 and lousy coding for the occasion, though it seems Sony, as well as those who have gotten their hands on it, are ultimately swearing by this tech now. This is a great way to reinforce the withering strength of the Vita to the public. Sony’s target price is around 9,954 Yen, or $100 US, and is a great way to introduce the Vita in homes with a PS4. The “gateway drug” to buying an actual Vita, if you will. The only problems it has now is the fact that there is no planned US or European release!

What Else?

Those are the few things that stand out to us these last few weeks. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments down below or on Facebook and Twitter!