Grand Theft Auto V’s Online Multiplayer Looks Fantastic


Rockstar released their online multiplayer trailer for GTA V, and I’ve got to say as someone who originally was not looking forward to the multiplayer since the single player has always been the meat of the game, I’m sold on it. Seriously, look at it.

For those of you playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with the online mod, this is what you’ve been dreaming of, and then some. The trailer describes you being able to literally have fun and play your way. Want to just run around and wreak havoc? Have at it. Want to team up with some dudes and dudettes, make a crew, and rob some banks? Go for broke. Want to golf with friends? Sure, why not. Want to create your own race tracks and create your own deathmatch levels?

Wait, what?

This just shows how much they’ve worked on this game for the last x amount of years, and how they paid attention to the fans modding the hell out of San Andreas and GTA IV for PC, how open they really wanted the game to be with the multiplayer option. Now this game is coming out in about a month, and no modding required. Unfortunately for the PC enthusiasts, no PC port has been officially announced, so they have no choice but to get it for Xbox 360 or PS3. Shame, really.

Grand Theft Auto V releases on September 17th for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.