Harmonix Unveils Their Next Big Game: Fantasia?


In a rather odd move, Harmonix – the amazing creators of the original two Guitar Hero’s, Rock Band, and Dance Central, has teamed up with Disney to work on their next big music hit. The game? Fantasia: Music Evolved.

While the reveal trailer shows nothing, it kind of gives you the idea. Like Mickey did during the phenomenal and classic Fantasia movie, your movements will go to the beat of the music, and the motions your hands do will cause the cool little “fireworks” effects to happen as well. Seems as if the game will be headed to Xbox One as well as the Xbox 360, and the game will be – you guessed it – Kinect required.

Personally, I’m hoping the game will play exactly like Dance Central. Otherwise, I don’t know if Harmonix can survive through this one. Microsoft’s want and need for them to do what the Wii did will ultimately take Harmonix down with that idea, if not out. I guess we’ll have to see gameplay first, but it just doesn’t sit well with me.