Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Release On Both Xbox One & The PS4!

Kingdom Hearts 3

During their E3 event today, Square Enix confirmed that both Final Fantasy XV (the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII) and Kingdom Hearts 3 are in fact, not exclusive to the PS4 as both titles will be released on the Xbox One. 

This is a pretty interesting bit of news as I am sure that Versus XIII was always announced as a Playstation exclusive title.  I am guessing that somewhere during the ridiculously long development time all of that changed (as well as the name!). I am also curious if at some point there will be some kind of release of the Kindom Hearts HD Remix for the Xbox One since the core series has always been a Playstation exclusive.

Although I know some hardcore fans might not be too happy about this news, at the end of the day I think its the right move. I am always for third party games being accessible to all gamers no matter what console they own. I mean, its bad enough that you miss out on the first party titles as it is. This way everyone can experience the magic the delicious Disney and Square Enix magic. And lets be honest, wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone played Kingdom Hearts?

Either way one thing is for sure. Square Enix definitely won back the hearts of gamer’s back last night with their announcement of these titles. Is it 2014 yet?