And Next-Gen Can Be Yours, If The Price is Right!


Pretty straight forward. Sony nails the sweet spot I called on our last Two e-diots and a Mic podcast at $399.99! And Microsoft taps the ceiling at $499.99, also called out on our last podcast!

It’s no “Five Hundred Ninety-Nine US Dollars”, but it’s a $100 price difference that can mean the world in this unstable economy. Add to the fact that both systems are practically on par with each other hardware spec wise, with the PS4 slightly edging out the Xbox One with DDR5 RAM over DDR3 respectively, and the difference in price doesn’t make sense.

Then there’s the whole thing with the lack of restrictions on the PS4, whereas the Xbox One outright restricts you on what you can or can’t do with the physical goods you purchase for it; also, no online requirements and it makes those $100 a world of difference. The only thing that will decide your purchase of an Xbox One will be Microsoft’s exclusives.

Of course, this could still all change, as Microsoft can easily retcon their entire plans at any time. They could easily tell their 3rd party publishers to fuck off; if their competition isn’t going to do it, why should they lose market share for appeasing their greedy ways?

Either way, thems your choices! Take it all into consideration and go your own way. GameStop stores everywhere are probably already selling out of the Xbox One everywhere, and Amazon was bombarded the second they flicked the switch when Sony announced “$399”. People are still clamoring for what they want, and the pre-order smoke will clear soon enough.