The First Trailer For Alfonso Cuarón’s Film Gravity Is Incredible And Terrifying!


After just watching the terrifying new trailer for Director Alfonso Cuarón’s (Children of Men) upcoming Sci-Fi survival-horror film Gravity I can safely say that it has become one of the films I am most excited for in 2013. 

Gravity tells the story of two astronauts (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) who suddenly have to switch gears and struggle to survive and try to return to  Earth when some debris crashes into their space shuttle.  To be honest I am not really familiar with any of Cuaron’s previous films so when I first heard about a Science fiction film that would star Sandra Bullock and George Clooney I rolled my eyes. While I have enjoyed the actors previous films (for the most part), they just aren’t on my list of actors I would like to see in a Sci-Fi setting. So as you can imagine I really did not care for the film.

I am so glad I was wrong.

What stood out for me the most was how the film looks like it will incorporate so many different phobias and wrap them up into a nice little nightmarish bundle. I mean you have the mind-blowing fear of the endless void that is space coupled with asphyxiation and acrophobia and you have something that can potentially make a lot of people uncomfortable. Which is a definitely a good thing when it comes to horror films. Ugh, I mean the scenes of the astronauts floating away and desperately trying to grab each other’s hands or pieces of their ship? They felt so intense and just plain horrifying.

My only minor concern with a film like this is that I am unsure if it will have enough material to be a full-length feature film. I mean is the entire movie going to be just be about the accident? Regardless, I am incredibly excited for this film and can’t wait till Fall arrives.

(On a side note, I will also try to watch Children of Men as I have heard nothing but praise for that film.)

Gravity will hit theaters this October and will be presented in Real-D 3D as well as Imax 3D.





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  1. Children of Men was an amazingly beautiful movie.

    This one looks absolutely awesome, too.

  2. Yep. Can’t wait! Oh and I just ordered a copy of Children of Men. :)

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