Results Are In: Xbox One No Make-a-The People Happy


So the specs are awesome. It seems like it can pull off some damn nice looking games. The console is sleek. The controller looks cool. The Kinect is that much more responsive and much faster. Xbox Live will have more to offer. What’s not to like? How about the stuff they didn’t talk about.

If you follow anyone on Twitter in the gaming industry, you’ve been seeing your feed light up like Christmas about Xbox One today, ourselves included. Over the day, though, there have been a lot of reports of the stuff that was overlooked during the reveal. Mainly, all those rumors about “Always On” that Microsoft did nothing to repel. You would think they would have said something to finally settle the score. Yet they didn’t. This typically signifies that a rumor is anything but.

Conflicting tweets and reports from Kotaku, Adam Sessler, Geoff Keighley – everyone – saying that off camera interviews with Xbox reps confirming “Always On” is not true, or that “Always On” depends on the developer of the game, or “Always On” needs to check the internet once every 24 hours. The used games? Well you install every game to the hard drive, so if you take it elsewhere, your activation code is already used and must pay a new activation fee – the full price of the game. Conflicts from other reports saying that yes, you can play your used game on other systems! Just log on to your XBL profile from the cloud – which proves you own it based on the activation key attached to your profile – and you can play!


May not play well with others, or know how to share

Of course, that means you’re not going to leave your profile at your friends house. So that would kill game borrowing.

Then there’s the whole backward compatibility woes, which personally, I’m fine with. Neither the PS4 or the Xbox One will offer native BC. That’s fine, because I already have BC for my future PS4 and Xbox One; it’s called my PS3 and my 360. I digress; This is a rant for another time.

In any case, from what Kotaku has stated, Microsoft is shocked internally at all the negativity surrounding the reveal. Maybe they were expecting the fact that they showed off some games, Call of Duty, and their actual system as opposed to Sony, that people would forget the rumors. That it’d all be glazed over, and once E3 happens and more stuff is revealed, people would be jumping for joy.

That’s not what’s happening, though. It seems almost as if they’re suffering from “Sony E3 2006 PS3” syndrome. All that success is going to their heads, and they think their fan base will flock to them, even with all of the restrictions. The difference now though is that the internet is 10 times louder than it was in 2006, with social media spreading the word like wildfire. Is it the mainstream? No. But these people are your day one adopters, your loyal followers. If you lose them, it’s going to be a rocky start.

I hope Microsoft can get down with the explanations and get down and dirty with the correct answers. Hopefully, they’re the correct answers. If not, I hope the team at Microsoft can easily update and change those three operating systems the One is built on. Hoo boy.

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