New 3DS Legend Of Zelda Title Is Set In The World Of “A Link To The Past”!


Nintendo has confirmed that the next Zelda title will be set in the same world as the much-loved A Link to the Past. The new title is being developed for the 3DS and will be releasing this Holiday season and in early 2014 in Japan. 

Although the U.S. name has not been confirmed it is being called The Legend of Zelda: Kamigami no Triforce 2. Considering that Kamigami no Triforce ended up becoming A Link to the Past, I would not be surprised if this new entry ends up being A Link to the Past 2.

The game will include an all new storyline as well as new puzzles, dungeons and abilities. the trailer also showcases some new abilities such as Link’s transforming himself into a drawing.  This has instantly become one of my most anticipated titles for 2013. I just hope it does not have a quirky control scheme as I prefer to use the analog slider or the dpad.


Source: Kotaku



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