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Job Loss, The Fight for Time, and the Parent That Games

Once more, I sit down to dust the cobwebs off of this site. To check into it and see what it could have been, what I could have done with it, where it could have gone, (Protip: Nowhere). That’s the self deprecating cynic in me. The low self esteemed prowess of mine; I’ve gone down this road before. I’m not here for this. I’m here to just write. Maybe for me. Maybe for you? I don’t know. What I do know is that the last two and a half years have been one hell of a ride for me, and for the rest of the people who have been involved with this site in any way shape or form. Thankfully, all mainly good things! Some not so much. I won’t focus on them so much, as I’m not one to talk about other people without their blessing, and I’m also not one to be a nosy neighbor and gab about shit that isn’t my problem. I’m here today for me. My life has changed. Drastically. For the better, mind you. You see, over two years ago, right after I had bought a home with my wife, I was let go…

Unboxing-22-StarSmug Unboxing

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty for January!

Yes, yes, I realize we’re already in the dead heat of February! BUT I MOVE FORWARD TO BRING YOU CONTENT! Melvin brought by his Smuggler’s Bounty for January and it was mmm-mmMMM good! Come check out some Force Awakens goodness! Comments

Unboxing-20-ArcBlk0216 Unboxing

February Arcade Block Unboxing!

Look what the cat dragged in! Well, actually, that’s impossible, considering the box is huge in comparison to cats. Most cats. Who knows. ANYWAY, watch me unbox it and get ANGRY half-way through. Why? THE SHIRT SAGA CONTINUES! Chiggitty-check it out, yosefs! Comments

UnboxingL-19-LuMarc Unboxing

Invasion Loot Crate Unboxing… WITH LUIS AND MARCOS!

The January Loot Crate arrived, themed around Invasion! How appropriate, then, that I come in to INVADE ON MARCOS’ DOMAIN! I mean, we planned the hanging outs, so I guess I didn’t really invade. I might have invaded his bathroom. Still doesn’t know it was me, though. Besides that, we rip into this Loot Crate to check out all the fun things related to Alien, X-Files, Space Invaders, and The Fifth Element! CHECK IT! Comments

UnboxingL-18-ArcBlkLu Unboxing

December 2015 Arcade Block Unboxing!

I’ve got a box! And it’s not just a box! It’s a block! And it’s no ordinary block! It’s a block full of arcade type good things! And by arcade I mean video games. And I’m going to open it! Comments

TEAM021-hotfix Movies

The Star Wars Podcast

You read the title, and you know this doesn’t really need much more of an introduction. All you need to know is that Marcos, Josh, and our long time friend Eddie returns along with myself to nerd out for a near two hour special episode, dedicated to nothing but The Force Awakens. Be warned, this is spoiler filled! If you haven’t seen it yet – in which case, shame on you – turn back now or forever hold your piece! Onward, to a galaxy far, far away, after the jump to light speed! Comments

Unboxing016-L-MarCorp Unboxing

Marvel Collectors Corps: Guardians – Unboxing!

Luis and Scotti get their hands on (Josh’s) Marvel Collectors Corps: Guardians of the Galaxy box! And they rip into it! Check out all the cool little galaxy based items from space! [Note – no items came from space.] Comments

TEAMSPecial01 Anime

Top Ten Anime – Part One

A special episode for a special time of the year! We bring Abdul back to share our personal Top Ten Anime picks, this one being part one of two. So sit back, listen in and enjoy, and get into fights as you agree and disagree with what we enjoy! Comments

101915-StarWars Movies

Ask Us About Star Wars: Force Awakens

Ladies and gentlederps, we will be recording a somewhat impromptu (read: kind of planned) special Two e-diots and a Mic Star Wars podcast tomorrow, spoiler filled for everyone who watched the movie! With that said, if you have not seen the film, stay far, far away from here! Otherwise, we want to answer any questions you guys might have in regards to the movie! On Twitter, just slap on #AskAnEdiot and we’ll go through some of them! If the comments section is working below with Facebook, leave some there as well! Stay tuned! Comments

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Do Not Adjust Your Browser

I don’t even know if that phrase works right, but hey, what do I know? Anyway, working on changing the site layout around a bit, so you might experience some changes. Slight changes? Big changes? Unsure. It might break the site or make it look ungodly to thine eyes! DON’T FRET! I’ll figure it out. For the time being, enjoy yourselves, sit back, and relax. Or something. Comments

Unboxing014-L-Arcade Unboxing

December Arcade Block Unboxing!

It’s here! On this magical time of year! I dive into this Arcade Block to unbox quite a few things! Yoshi’s Wooly World, Uncharted, Halo 5, and other cool little collectibles! JOIN ME, WON’T YOU? Comments

Unboxing013-L-Smuggler Unboxing

Star Wars December Smuggler’s Bounty

Luis and Melvin traveled far and wide through space, not too long ago, within our galaxy, and returned to smuggle in this amazing find! What was it? Why, the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty December box, that’s what! CHECK OUT THE GOODS AFTER THE JUMP TO LUDICROUS SPEED! Comments

TEAM019 Podcasts

Outcasts, Two Faced Nerds, and the Wars of the Stars!

Hope everyone had a fulfilling and delicious holiday weekend with stuffed turkey and the whatnots, or tofurkey, if you are of the non-meat-eating variety. Thanksgiving for us Americans is a free ticket to be a glutton, and we already do that well year-round. Imagine a single day! Enough blabbing! Time to blab at you on our podcast! Robert Kirkman’s Outcast, I nerd out about nerdy anime girls with Himouto! Umaru-Chan, and we can’t get enough of the new Star Wars Battlefront! So come on in and join us after the jump! Comments

TEAM018 Podcasts

Totem Duty Punching 5!

Podcast? Podcast! Marcos and I have another lovely sit down and talk about stuff. What stuff? God, aren’t you nosey? However, if you must know, I give my first impressions on Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Halo 5: Guardians, Marcos and I swoon over one of the greatest action shows to ever hit manga and anime this year, One Punch Man, and finally we enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, but do we recommend it? Find out, after ze jump! Comments

Unboxing010LootFallout Unboxing

Unboxing – Fallout Loot Crate Edition!

It’s here! The Loot Crate Fallout 4 Edition is here! And we’re going to uncrate it! Er… unbox it! Waifu Stacy and I sit through this and gush at all the goodies! Okay, maybe not gushed, but we did geek out. We had the capacity to geek out. Comments

TEAM017-2 Games

Yoshis, Transforming to Platinum, Undertale, and More!

Come on down and listen in on us. It’s what we prefer you do, really. We touch on Yoshi’s Wooly World, the newly released Platinum Games… uh… game, Transformers: Devastation, I foam at the mouth about Undertale, Marcos goes into a bit of the re-release of the Uncharted trilogy on PS4, some Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, and we give our thoughts on the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Comments

Unboxing006 Features

We Unbox a Sexy Xbox One: Halo 5 Edition

Thanks to a good close friend of mine, I was able to get my hands on a collector’s edition copy of Halo 5: Guardians, as well as the special edition Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians system. Boy, not only was that system a sexy thing to look at – probably the best looking Xbox One, and personally, the design the XBone should keep – but that collector’s edition… oh my! Comments

ediotsplay-mariomaker03 Games

More Mario Making Luis Mad

Abdul dips his hands into creating Mario Maker levels and I try his first attempt, and I tango with another crazy level by Mr. Afro. Fun times to be had for all! All but me as I scream in agony. Comments

Unboxing005 Unboxing

October Shocktober! Comic-Con Box Unboxing!

Josh and I tackle the surprise that was Wizard World’s October Comic Con Box. Unexpected, but welcome for more unboxing fun and zaniness! Sadly, there wasn’t much to unbox and have fun with, in our opinion. Comments